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 Ed NeyraCuba Lost and Found 

Sunday, September 20 ~ 4:30PM

Little Red Schoolhouse 

In 1962, 11 year old Eduardo Neyra, Indian Hill Resident, left Cuba without his parents as part of a secret operation that relocated 14,000 children to the United States before the Cuban Missile Crisis. His memoir Cuba Lost and Found, is a moving and insightful narrative capturing the political and cultural upheaval before and after Castro’s Revolution. Hear his thrilling story and learn how past and present day Cuba have affected who he is. After the presentation, a delicious dinner will be served.

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The Society is dedicated to preserving the heritage and promoting history of the Village of Indian Hill, Ohio. It manages two historical landmarks, the Bonnell House, also known as Buckingham Lodge, and the Little Red Schoolhouse. Archives of Village history are maintained at Buckingham Lodge. The Schoolhouse may be rented for special gatherings and meetings. Programs are presented on building and home architecture, art, local history, and noteworthy families who have lived or are living in the area.