crime-tape fingerprintThe Sad, Seamy, Sinister Side of Cincinnati

Sunday, October 16, 2016, 4:30 p.m.

                                      The Little Red Schoolhouse

      8100 Given Road

Serial murderers, grave robbers, epidemics, personal tragedies and even slime are all part of Cincinnati’s history.  Come and hear stories about some of the city’s most notorious citizens and their nasty deeds, including the nation’s first female serial murderer.  Learn about the cholera epidemic, the Cincinnati Strangler and how two of Cincinnati’s Presidents were victims of ghastly graveyard activities.

“Be brave” and join us, then enjoy dinner and refreshments following the program.

To make reservations, online or call 513-891-1873


The Society is dedicated to preserving the heritage and promoting history of the Village of Indian Hill, Ohio. It manages two historical landmarks, the Bonnell House, also known as Buckingham Lodge, and the Little Red Schoolhouse. Archives of Village history are maintained at Buckingham Lodge. The Schoolhouse may be rented for special gatherings and meetings. Programs are presented on building and home architecture, art, local history, and noteworthy families who have lived or are living in the area.