John Hunt Morgan Trail

November 16, 2014  at 4:30 P.M.

Little Red Schoolhouse


This historic trail marks the farthest north a Confederate force penetrated during the Civil War.  It passes through 18 counties as it traces the path of Confederate General John Hunt Morgan during his Great Raid of 1863.  The invasion was part of his plan to divert Union troops north of the Ohio River.  Morgan had 2000 cavalrymen and four artillery pieces that went with him through Indian Hill.  They split into two brigades as they traveled around the region.  Both brigades, along with their cannons and wagons, crossed the Little Miami River behind what is now Livingston Lodge. Ohio’s citizens were consumed with panic as Morgan’s Raiders swept across the state for 13 days.  Learn from historian David Mowery about the trail in Indian Hill and the entire 557 mile swath Morgan’s Raiders cut.

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The Society is dedicated to preserving the heritage and promoting history of the Village of Indian Hill, Ohio. It manages two historical landmarks, the Bonnell House, also known as Buckingham Lodge, and the Little Red Schoolhouse. Archives of Village history are maintained at Buckingham Lodge. The Schoolhouse may be rented for special gatherings and meetings. Programs are presented on building and home architecture, art, local history, and noteworthy families who have lived or are living in the area.