The Board of Trustees is responsible for the management and activities of the Historical Society. The 21 members are a very active in the planning and execution of all the programs throughout the year. All of them devote their time and talent voluntarily. The Trustees are selected by a nominating committee for 3 year terms.

Your suggestions and ideas are welcome on how to best serve the community through the programs and services the society offers.

Board of Trustees Officers

Susan Holzapfel, President

Chip Hunter, Vice-President

Rosemary Welsh Vice-President

Jim Barber Treasurer

Edgar Cox  Secretary

Board of Trustees

Judith Affatato

Rosemary Ballard

Brenda Benzar

Mary Bramlage

Noah Fleischmann

Peg Gillespie

Laura Harrison

Barb Hauck

Ed Jacobs

Molly Lucien

Gregory Miller

Terry Quin

Eppa Rixey

Lois Rust

Clark Sole

Mark Tullis

President Emeritus

Ginny White


Otto Hausknecht  
Bill Schmidter

In Memory

These Founders and Trustees are remembered for their love of and service to the Society:

Tyler Emerson ~ Original Founder

Andrew C. Hauck, Jr. ~ Original Founder

Russell Ahlbrand

R John Dupree

Francis Eustis

James M. Ewell

Mary Krombholz

Charles F. Pope, Jr.

Ruth Wigor