Located at Buckingham Lodge (8650 Camargo Road), the Indian Hill Historical Society’s Hauck Library and Resource Center has in Buckingham in Springits files and on its shelves an array of information about the Village. This ongoing and important part of the Society’s over-all program is the culmination of over 35 years of endeavor by many trustees, members, and staff persons.

Information regarding Indian Hill can be obtained at the Resource Center in the following areas:

Village Subject Files Most of the topics pertaining to the past and present history of Indian Hill are represented in these files. Alphabetically filed by subject, the areas covered range from Village services, organizations and clubs, to non-residential sites in the area (parks, trails, public buildings, cemeteries, schools, churches, etc.), and background information on the general area, natural history information, and maps.

Library Volumes On its shelves the Society has available for in-house use books pertaining to Indian Hill, Hamilton County, and Ohio history and geography.

Pile of BooksHouse Files Information is available regarding many Indian Hill homes, the houses’ histories, previous owners, architecture, and some photographs of their exterior elements.

Village Bulletins Bound copies of the Indian Hill Bulletin are available on our shelves, dating from the first publication in 1941 through the current date.

Indian Hill Living Every issue since its beginning in 1983 is contained in the bound volumes of this local publication regarding the people and places of the Village.

Indian Hill Journal  The Library also maintains copies of  the issues of the Indian Hill Journal weekly newspaper, which began being published in 2001.  Articles related to the Village and its residents are also referenced in the Past Perfect database maintained by the Librarian.

Indian Hill Phone Books A copy of every Village residents’ phone book since 1954 is available for examination.

family-tree-mdFamily/Genealogy Files A number of Indian Hill residents have provided family trees or genealogical information regarding their ancestors. There are also some charts showing the inter-relationship of early families in the Village.

Maps The Society has copies of a number of old Village maps, some of which show former property owners, and also current maps of specific interest regarding Green Areas, etc.

PhotographerPhotographs/Slides There are multiple binders filled with both historic and current photographic images that capture the visual essence of Indian Hill. Slide canisters contain past outreach programs of the Society.

Oral Histories These are available on DVDs, cassette tapes (the actual interviews) and also in hard copy transcriptions or extractions of the text. They are primarily personal recollections by some of the Village’s residents who were involved in its growth, its administration, or its various organizations.

Resident Files Current periodical articles regarding present and past Village residents are added regularly to these files. Filed alphabetically by surname, such articles not only retain information regarding the people of today, but also will serve in the future to give glimpses of the lives of present-day residents for future generations.

Contact us for assistance in finding and using our rich treasure chest of resources.